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How do I book a sunbed?

Please register with us through our online diary here  If you're a new customer, please choose the 'New Customer, First Visit' appointment as this gives you an introductory discount on your first course and bottle of lotion after your first appointment.

How do I buy a course of sunbeds?

You can buy your sunbeds through the booking diary, or you can buy them in the salon.

How long should my first sunbed session be?

This will depend on your skin type.  Most people start with 6 or 9 minutes and then slowly increase to a maximum of 15 minutes each session.  Book the ‘New Customer’ appointment and we’ll decide together on your first visit.


What type of sunbeds do you have and which is best?

We have both stand-up and lay down sunbeds, all with UV and red light tubes to give the best possible tanning results.


It’s just personal preference about which one to use as they both work as well as the other.  Some people prefer the laydowns as they’re more relaxing and you can turn off the face tanners if desired, other people prefer the stand-ups as they don’t feel so hot and sweaty and they like to jig around!  It’s best to alternate between the two to avoid any white patches caused by pressure points (on laydowns) and reach areas where the ‘sun don’t reach’ when you’re standing up (under your boobs for example!).


Why have you added red lights to the sunbeds?

We added red lights in the Summer of 2024 after researching the benefits.  Our customers have been really pleased with the results and advise us they’re tanning better, more quickly and their skin feels smoother.


Red light benefits include

  • stimulating collagen production to revitalise skin

  • increasing direct pigmentation by up to 50% to develop a deeper tan

  • pain relief benefits


Are there any specific skincare products I should use to increase my tanning results?

You should always apply an indoor tanning lotion just before your sunbed. The lotion increases tanning results and keeps your skin moisturised.  A tan extender should be used in-between sunbed session to further increase your colour and extend the life of your tan.  We sell a wide range of products in the salon, all are sourced from legitimate distributors to ensure you’re buying what the bottle says!


Do I need to book an appointment, or can I just walk in?

As we’re such a busy salon (for a reason!), we operate on a pre-booked appointment basis for your convenience.  This means you don’t have to wait around for a bed – and it helps us decide if to open earlier or later when we’re busy.


Do you have parking at your salons?

Yes, there is parking available at both salons.


Are children allowed in the salon?

Sorry, we don't allow children in the salon.  It's a relaxing, adult only space.

What happens if I book an appointment and can’t make it?

That’s no problem as long as you give at least one hour’s notice.  This is to allow time for others to notice the appointment has become available.  Minutes will be deducted for no shows and late cancellations.


How often can I use a sunbed?

You must leave a minimum of 24 hours between sunbeds.


How long will it take for me to get a tan?

This depends on many things such as your skin type and whether you’re using the correct tanning lotion & extender.  Most people start with 6/9 minutes, two or three times a week and will quickly see results. Once you reach the colour you want, you can decrease your sessions to maintain your tan.  Please note that a tan will take much longer to achieve if you only have one sunbed a week.

Can I tan if I'm taking medication or have a medical condition?

Please check with your doctor.  If you’re using sunbeds for a condition such as acne or psoriasis, you may be advised not to apply certain medications or lotions before your sunbed.  When you register with us, our t&c's ask specific questions as sunbeds aren't suitable for people with certain conditions such as epilepsy for example.


Can I use your sunbeds if I’m pregnant?

No, due to the increased risk of fainting and skin sensitivity, we don’t allow pregnant women to use our sunbeds.  If you let us know, we’ll extend the expiry date on your course so you can enjoy some peace once baby has arrived.


How long are your courses valid for?

Our standard courses are valid for one year.  We also offer monthly courses at a reduced cost which expire after 4 weeks.


How long are free VIP and birthday minutes valid for?

All free minutes are valid for 4 weeks.

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