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We sell LOTS of indoor tanning lotions every week... why?  Because we KNOW they help you tan better and we want our salon to continue having the reputation for achieving the best tan in Ipswich!  All the team are trained by our product suppliers, so we can all offer you the right advice.

Indoor lotions are not the same as an outdoor tanning lotion - quite the opposite in fact.  There is no UV protection in indoor lotions (as that would stop you tanning!)  But because you're in a controlled environment for a set amount of time, you use our lotions to help you tan safely and quickly.  Outside, when you don't know the strength of the sun and you're not limiting your exposure, you must always use an outdoor lotion with protection.  But, you can use an indoor lotion to speed up your tanning outside - use it under or over your sun protection for great results.

How do indoor tanning lotions work?

They work by protecting the moisture levels in your skin, allowing your pores to open up, magnifying your UV exposure and generating the production of melanin (tanning occurs when the melanin in your skin oxidises - changes colour).


The lotions contain a range of vitamins, oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. to moisturise your skin to achieve a deeper, darker tan that will last longer than dry, unhealthy skin.  (Just think how many skins cells are lost when your skin is dry... well, that's your tan disappearing right there!)  We also have lotions that bring the blood near to the surface of your skin (tingle lotions), and others with collagen and skin firming magic which will help you tan and give your skin a smoother appearance!


Better looking tan!

When tanning, your skin becomes dehydrated from the heat and light. Using a lotion will not only improve your tan (as moist skin tans much better than dry skin), but it will also improve your skin by making it softer and less likely to form wrinkles as quickly as dry skin.

Many of the lotions contain primers to help give a more even tan and firming agents to help smooth skin. 


We only sell the best lotions, direct from manufacturers, so we know your lotion is genuine and doesn't contain any nasties.  As they're all top quality products, we also know none of our lotions will turn you orange!  We'll advise you on which lotion/bronzer to choose and will always advise against a lotion with a lot of bronzer until you've enough colour. But there are many light bronzers that you can use even with pale skin.  (They're not like fake tan, they're much, much more subtle and look natural.)  There's also a choice of instant or delayed bronzers, so please feel free to ask for advice.

Tattoo protection

If you have tattoos, we can advise which lotion offers tattoo protection to keep your tattoos looking bright.  We can't advise how long to wait to use a sunbed after a new tattoo - please always take advice from your studio.


Put simply, buying a lotion will save you money as it decreases the amount of minutes you'll use getting the tan you want.  Prices start from 85p per session when buying a bottle, or £3 for a one use sachet.

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