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If you're looking for a new sunbed salon, or you're completely new to tanning, we hope you'll join us at Topaz Two!

We're a professional, friendly salon with a choice of laydown or stand-up sunbeds, all fitted with the latest spec' UV and red collagen tubes.

And not only can you use our salon on Landseer Road, but if you ever find yourself over the other side of Ipswich, you can also book in at Topaz Salon on Garrick Way and use your minutes there.

Special offer

We offer all new customers a special introductory appointment that gives you a sunbed session and a lotion, along with a discount voucher for £5 off a course and 20% off your first bottle of lotion. 


Please register online with us and choose the 'New Customer First Visit' appointment.  This will allow enough time in the diary to explain how we operate, show you how the sunbeds work and chat about any questions you may have.

Why do I have to make an appointment?

Many years ago we learnt the hard way that having 8 or 9 customers waiting for a sunbed at any one time wasn't fun for anyone, so for our customers' convenience we're an appointment only salon - which means less stress all round, and no queuing!

Online bookings

Our online diary system is pretty clever (even if we say so ourselves!) and shows you all the available appointments on any day you choose (up to a month ahead).

Other features are..

  • Email reminders of your appointments

  • Your appointment history visible on your account

  • Last minute appointments show immediately (when someone cancels for example)

  • You can buy minutes on the diary system and they're available immediately​​


Join us!​​

​​Please register here and then choose the 'New Customer, First Visit' appointment choice for your first appointment!

We look forward to seeing you!


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